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Mint Powder Dehydrated Ready to Use for Kitchen

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Spinach Powder Dehydrated Ready to Use for Kitchen

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Green Chili Powder Dehydrated Ready to Use for Kitchen

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Green chili powder is more suitable than red chili powder. The spice may be healthy for many people as green chilies are richer in beta carotene’s, antioxidants and endorphins, good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, while red chilies are considered as a cause of peptic ulcers.

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Green Chili Powder Home Hero

Green chili powder is easy to use and store, it adds spice to the dishes you prepare.  Green chili helps to cure blood clots and is excellent decongestant, the brain releases natural opiates endorphins which reduce the pain. It provides relief from various problems like headaches, sinusitis, migraines, reduce LDL cholesterol, etc.

Because the chances of use of artificial dyes and colors in red chili powder is higher, so most cook prefer use of green chili powder over red chili powder.

It has anti carcinogenic, analgesic and antidiabetic properties. Hence, it is advised to replace red chili powder with green chilies in everyday cooking.

Benefits of Green chill powder –

  • Green chilies tackle high sugar levels and control it, if consumed regularly.
  • Owing to the various fibers found in  it,  help in better digestion.
  • Green chilies being rich in vitamin E and vitamin C is a very good spice for clean and healthy skin.
  • Due to a considerable proportion of beta-carotene in green chilies, its use helps the cardiovascular systems stays strong and the heart too stays healthy.  These superior health benefits make it is as miracle food.

How to Use :

Thirsty Fresh Green Chili Powder is very useful to add in dry vegetables or gravies. It adds great punch to any fried snacks like pakoda, samosa, rolls or salad and raita, or various type of chutney like chili pudina or chili tomato garlic can be prepared with this powder.

1 Tea spoon (5 gm) Thirsty Fresh Green Chili powder = 3 Table spoon (50 gm) fresh chopped Green Chili.

Storage :

Store this product in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place.  If exposed to moisture and sunlight the product may lose its potency and pungency. When stored in proper conditions, the product has shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

Please take less than the prescribed amount of Thirsty Fresh Green Chili Powder when you are using it for the first time.

Moreover, Thirsty Fresh products have great benefits such that you just need to prepare plain cuisine. And at the time of serving add or sprinkle required amount to the dish as per like, dislike or taste of members of the family.

So, forget about the time consuming and tearful process of slicing and chopping. And use Thirsty Fresh products to obtain the distinctive aroma and taste of the spice.

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