Rerurn & Refund policy

This Return and Refund Policy applies to Thirsty Fresh®

Welcome to Thirsty Fresh Rerurn and Refund Policy. And thanks for shopping at Thirsty Fresh® Website – www.thirstyfresh.cpm If item purchased is not satisfactory. We are happy to help you as per our Return and Refund Policy.

Return policy

Because of the nature of our business and products we sell, items you have purchased are not eligible for return and refunds. But, in case our products arrived damaged, rotten or contaminated in any way, please contact us right away. And regardless of its expiration date, we will be happy to send a free replacement. And if anything is unclear or you have more questions feel free to contact our customer support team. You can reach out to us at

Refund policy

If you cancelled the order before sent for shipping, and not delivered. In this condition only we shall the refund. This does not include the case for unfounded recipient. And in no circumstances, the refund amount can exceed the amount paid by the customer. We are not liable for any loss or claim beyond the amount actually paid by customer. We shall not allow any claim of refund for discounted or exempted amounts.


To claim return-refund of the paid amount, any order cancellations shall be made before the order is sent for shipping. No “refund” shall be made once the product is being shipped. Cancellation of order shall be made by mail with Subject: ”Cancellation Request” and sent to Also E-Mail shall contain following details : Order ID: and Cancellation Reason:

After formal order cancellation request received at, cancellation shall be initiated. And within 10 days, the received amount shall be credited back to the same account from where it was received. In case of Cancellation, bank transaction charge will be applicable and paid by customer.

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