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About Us :

We, at Thirsty Fresh, always believed in what our ancestors taught us. And that is what brought us together to come up with this idea of dehydrated vegetables. About half a century ago, vegetables from a season were chopped into fine pieces, then dried under the bright sunshine. And then, they were either kept as it is or converted to powdered form. And used in seasons where theses vegetables were less likely to be seen in markets.

These days the scenario is different, vegetables are available in the market be it the season or not. And the only difference that we as consumers felt was, the difference in taste. And this difference cannot be neglected or ignored.

Our Idea :

Because, this difference started becoming unavoidable day in and day out, we had to come up with a solution. And the solution came from our fore fathers – the basics of dehydrated vegetables.

We, at Thirsty Fresh, brought up this fusion of ‘Ancient idea’ and ‘modern technologies’. And have come up with our range modern dehydrated vegetables.

Our Technique :

The base line to the idea of dehydrated vegetables is proving our customers with all the natural ingredients at one place. And to fulfil this requirement, we do not add any preservatives, taste or aroma enhancers.

The vegetables are dried with solar dehydration technology, which cuts down the water contents of vegetables to zero. And hence, these vegetables are free from moisture, which in turn makes them free from any kind of microbial or fungal attack. The purity of the product is something which is taken most care of. And as a result, the colour, taste, aroma of any product is preserved in the form of powder, flakes or dehydrated leaves.

Since, the products are solar dehydrated, the shelf life of the products can range between 2 years to 3 years.

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